01. Mini facial   30' - 350 vnd

This quick-fix facial will address all your facial needs.


02. Basic facial skin care   60' - 550 vnd

Classic facial includes deep pore cleansing, toning, exfoliation, facial massage, facial mask…


03. Natural Facial skin care 60' - 750 vnd

Facial care by fruit, for all skin types. Choosing mask that suits you: banana, avocado, orange with honey, cucumber for Sunburn and Sensitive Skin…


04. Glowy skin dew    75' - 690 vnd

The clever combination of acupuncture, massage and press gently relaxes tired and support. Then use up the oxygen strangers to provide oxygen to the skin and helps the skin become bright and healthy. 


05. Collagen Age redution   80' -  750 vnd

An antioxidant- rich and moisturizing mask made from original collagen of cow skin which has an effect on the contour and the texture of the skin. Collagen helps provide firmness and elasticity to your skin. It reduces the skin pigmentation, wrinkles and lightens the skin tone.


06. Facials (lift, remove wrinkle, anti-sagging ...)  70' - 750 vnd

Technicians massage the face and using facial stranger helped lift firming and anti-sagging.


07. Eye care eye wrinkle reduction     30' - 350 vnd

Use 3 steps to care for your face: face wash, massage, topical creams help of dark circles and eye area brighter.


08. Aces treatment    75' - 750 vnd

Price x 1000 vnd